Oscar Season

Listening to the news this morning, with all the build up to today’s Oscar nominations, I was thinking about the blog entry I’d write to lament the fact that Ryan Gosling was cheated out of an Actor In A Leading Role nomination for his part in Half Nelson. I’m very happy to be wrong, and to see him on that list!

It’s an interesting list of nominees this year. Ryan Gosling has been displaced in my ‘cheated’ list with Children Of Men, which really should be up for the sound design awards (and perhaps something higher profile). But it’s good to see Pan’s Labyrinth and The Queen taking such a high profile. I suppose it was inevitable that the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise would get a nod to appease the big money studios but it’s gratifying to see that they’re limited to technical categories.

It’s tempting to look at some of the nominations and speculate about a breakthrough for independent cinema. Some fantastic ‘indie’ films have broken through this year in a way they haven’t for some time, but looking around the local multiplex I think that that phenomenon is still a limited one. While a film like Pan’s Labyrinth is sitting in the ‘foreign language’ category it seems subtitles still disqualify a film from being ‘best,’ and only a tiny proportion of the population got the chance to see “Half Nelson.”

Those of us who want something other than big budget swashbuckling have a few more options, but most of the money is still going into the same old, same old.

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