Condoleeza Rice and the Baker Commission

It seems likely that the dominant theme of the next two years in US politics will be which party can emerge least scathed from a withdrawal from Iraq. If the democrats can be seen to force the President’s hand in withdrawing from an unpopular conflict, they may be able to leverage that in the 2008 elections. If the Republicans can manage a withdrawal that looks orderly and maybe even victorious, or if they can spin Democrats’ urgings as being weak on defense, then maybe they can salvage something from this ridiculous venture.

It’s interesting to note Mark Benjamin’s piece on Salon yesterday that suggests Condoleeza Rice was a significant force behind the establishment of James Baker and Lee Hamilton‘s much discussed Iraq Study Group. Could this be a sign that Rice is planning to run for office and believes that the commission’s findings could help her do that without her role in the invasion of Iraq hanging over the campaign?

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