An endorsement

With elections coming up in just a couple of weeks the local paper is full of letters endorsing or attacking candidates, and we decided to join the fray with an endorsement of David LaGrand for the State Senate.

For those who don’t know David, he’s probably best known around Grand Rapids for his role in the founding of Four Friends Coffee Shop and more recently Wealthy Street Bakery. There’s a tight word limit on letters to the paper and so there’s not much detail, but if you’re interested you can find out more on his website.

David LaGrand’s commitment to the City of Grand Rapids and the people of the 29th district is second to none. He is without a doubt the right man to represent the district in the State Senate.

We’ve been deeply impressed not only with his long term commitment to the City through the businesses he has started and his work as an attorney, but particularly with his efforts to reach out to the whole community—including those traditionally ignored when canvassing—with his campaign. That commitment means his policies on education funding, growing the job market, and bringing tax income back into Grand Rapids have stood the test of constituent scrutiny. He will fight to fully restore revenue sharing so we can open our city swimming pools and achieve appropriate fire and police staffing levels to protect our neighborhoods.

His business and legal background give him the skills necessary to help Michigan grow, rebalancing its tax base, supporting the city and the environment, and adapting as the global economy changes. His commitment to the people of the district mean that his decisions and actions will be grounded in the needs of the working people in his district.

Kari and James Stewart

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  1. Hi… I work for David on the campaign. Just wanted to say Hi, and thanks for the kind words.

    Here’s hoping we win!


  2. Thanks for your donation too, James. 🙂