Namespaces, attributes and content in rxml

Rails’ RXML templates (powered by Builder) are a great way to generate various different types of XML output from your application, but the documentation could be lacking. I’ve been working with namespaced content for a while but I’ve spent quite a while today trying to work out how to add an element in an explicit namespace, with attributes and text content.

To create an ‘id’ element is straightforward: 'my-id-here'

and then to put that tag in the ‘foo’ namespace you need: :id, 'my-id-here'

To create children of that element (say xhtml content in an atom feed) you need:

xml.content :type => 'xhtml' do
  xml.xhtml :div do
    xml.p entry.excerpt

And the final piece of the puzzle, and the end to that particular bout of frustration is the text! method. To use my exact example:

xml.georss :point, :featuretypetag => 'wifi' do
  xml.text! entry.latitude + ' ' + entry.longitude

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