Firefox 1.5

Until late yesterday afternoon there was a problem if you viewed this blog using Firefox and tried to go to an individual entry page. I’d stripped the ugly ‘.html’ from the end of links, but not completed the tweaking of the server settings to make that work as it should. That’s now resolved, and just in time to celebrate the release of Firefox 1.5.

While Microsoft fool around trying to make sure turn-of-the-decade technologies finally work in the 2006 release of their web browser, the Firefox developers have once again raised the bar for web browsers. The new version not only provides a smoother browsing experience, it also offers up a number of new features that give the web developers amongst us plentiful opportunities to experiment.

If you can upgrade/switch, please do.


  1. There some good stuff in Firefox but I really hate the inconsistent UI. At first glance it’s a good citizen on the Mac, but then I started playing with the Preferences dialog – it’s a mess! (And what’s with the way each section fades into view?)

    Just as annoying, every window has the toolbar widget at the top right corner even if they don’t have toolbars.

    There’s an odd mix of sheets vs dialogs going on.

    It’s better than Internet Explorer but it’s no way near Safari…

  2. True, though I find Safari gets overwhelmed when I have a large number of tabs open so often switch to firefox in that use.

  3. Also, if you’re using a G5 Mac, you should really try out the G5-optimized version of Firefox. It’s a beauty: