It Happened Again

Some may remember a blog entry a few months ago about a phone call from West Michigan Right To Life. Those with particularly good memories may remember that the call ended with me asking to be removed from their contact list.

Seems their memories aren’t quite so good. I just sent the following letter to the Grand Rapids Press.


I was disappointed this evening to receive a telephone call from a rather under-informed caller, seeking my vote for Shaula Johnston for City Commissioner this coming week. The caller was from Right To Life West Michigan PAC and was calling to inform me that Ms. Johnston is “the right to life candidate.”

As a passionate believer that measures are needed to reduce the rate of abortions in our society I was interested to learn more of how Ms. Johnston would use a position as City Commissioner to impact the number of abortions taking place in Grand Rapids. Unfortunately the caller was unable to provide details of any policies Ms. Johnston would promote and could only offer that she may have an impact “if she’s elected to a higher office” and that there are various pro-choice organizations supporting Rosalynn Bliss. Rather than allow me to ask any further questions, the caller hung up while I was speaking.

Needless to say, I was unimpressed that an organization like Right To Life should take such a cavalier approach to electoral politics. Naturally these callers are not members of the Johnston campaign, but a little knowledge of her policies would not seem out of place. Based on the curtailed conversation I had this evening, I would urge your readers to be careful not to take the endorsement of a single group as evidence that a candidate is “pro-life” but rather to explore whether either candidate has policies that would promote stable families and reduce the number of abortions taking place in Grand Rapids.


James Stewart
Grand Rapids
2nd Ward Resident

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  1. Sorry you had to deal with those folks again, but bravo on your proactive response. I know who’s getting my vote today…