Greenbelt Collage Updates

After far too long a day of travelling I’m back in the US. The Festival was great, though as tiring as ever (jetlag compensated for the more relaxed on-site schedule). I’ve spent the day catching up on feeds and email, and tinkering with the collage code.

For the most part it’s been working well and new content has been picked up pretty quickly, particularly since I added in a technorati watchlist for links to The one exception was from flickr, where often there’d be more new photos between checks than were included in the feed, meaning that we only had ~100 of the 500 posted. As a quick fix I added the individual ‘greenbelt2005’ feeds for several of the more active flickr users, but now I’ve rewritten the code to use the flickr API to check for all new photos within the last 45 minutes (we check every half an hour, so 45 minutes should make sure nothing falls through the cracks) and pulls them in that way.

The use of the API turned out to be very simple, particularly since’s FlickrClient library saved me from having to parse the XML. Making sure we didn’t get duplicates in the database, syncing tags, and getting the content together was a little trickier but didn’t take too long.

Next up will be some code to go and fetch the content of pages added via delicious/technorati and gather more of the content than their feeds provide, which should mean I can check whether pages picked up through technorati have tags other than the core ‘‘ tag. And of course very soon I should build some nicer navigation options on the frontend so people can start making better use of the content.

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