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I think I’d taken the BBC far too much for granted until I left the UK. The current podcast trial that lets me listen to The Today Programme‘s (by no means to be confused with NBC’s Today Show) key interview at my leisure each and every day is ever so welcome, where once I rarely tuned in as I expected to hear the key points repeated ad nauseum throughout the day.

Via Dan Hill’s excellent City of Sound I came across this transcript of a speech new Director General of the BBC Mark Thompson made recently at the Churches Media Conference. It’s proof that careful quoting of Desmond Tutu will lend any speaker a degree of gravitas, but it also displays an encouraging grasp of the breadth of issues confronting mainstream media. Think what you will of the departure of his predecessor, or the drastic measures he’s tried to take (and I’m still not sure what to make of either of those) but he’s clearly worth listening to.

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