Quietude and Projects

I’m well aware that I’ve been quiet here of late. In part that’s due to a desire to step back, spend a little more time reading and to pay a bit more attention to detail when I do post, but I had intended to intersperse that with more short posts.

One of those short posts was to have included links to two recently launched websites: The Image Shoppe and Bazzani Associates.

The Image Shoppe is a Grand Rapids-based design and communications agency with whom I’m working a lot at the moment. Last week we launched an initial version of their site, with further developments to come as the work schedule allows.

Bazzani Associates are leading the way in sustainable building in the US and their construction sights will be familiar to anyone who spends much time around Grand Rapids. This site is also a first-phase launch and we’re working with their team to develop a lot more content exploring their diverse range of projects, their ‘triple-bottom line’ approach, and the great results they’re achieving.

I write a lot more about such things on my other blog.

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