Up From The Ryman

Three posts in one day. Whatever next? (I make no promises to keep it up)

We’re headed to Nashville on Sunday to partake in this. If you’re in the area, please come along and join us.

“Up From The Ryman”

At The Downtown Presbyterian Church,

On the corner of 5th Ave. North and Church St.

154 5th Ave. North 254 – 7584

Monday, April 11th

6:00 Pentecost Is For The People: An Evening Of Conversation with Will Campbell and David Dark in the chapel

7:00 Reception for Will Campbell

9:00 Concert in the sanctuary featuring Jars of Clay, Ashley Cleveland, and John Davis.

Tuesday, April 11th

4:45 Taize Tuesday meditation service in the chapel

7:00 Concert in the chapel, featuring Sarah Masen (Dark), Kendall Payne and Ginny Owens


  1. James

    I picked up a comment from http://tallskinnykiwi.typepad.com/tallskinnykiwi/2005/04/which_bloggers_.html that you have some background with wicca. Very interested in hearing more.

    You’ll catch me at http://circleofdionysius.blogspot.com/

    Matt Stone

  2. Matt – I’m afraid you’ve been duped by Mr. Steve Lawson. Sorry!