Festival of Faith and Music 2005

This entry would have been sooner coming, but a few details leapt in the way and this week has been no calmer than the last. It’s definitely good news that the Festival of Faith and Music went so well as it did.

This festival was always going to be a different experience for me than the last: not having a 28-hour journey and the associated jetlag was a big bonus, and it was never going to be quite so life-changing as my first visit to Grand Rapids. But while none of those who were at the inaugural event could claim quite such an impact as it had on Kari and I, it was clear that there had been some repercussions, as evidenced by the warm friendships between people who had first met two years ago, and Daniel Smith’s statement from the stage that he had felt freed up to “try some new things.”

In our first feedback meeting there seemed a concensus that the depth of engagement had increased by this year. Albert Pedulla’s worship session was fantastic and very much in keeping with the tone of the event, and alongside the number of conversations in the corridors was clear evidence that the content of the workshops was spilling out of the classrooms. Whether it was stories from the road, or links between Dada-ist collage and electronic music, the interaction was great to watch and partake in.

If you’re looking for details on the talk I did at the festival, you can find them here, and I’m gathering links to FFM-related blog entries at del.icio.us. Of course, you can always try one of these two technorati searches too.



  1. I’m really bummed that I missed it. Sounds like a great time. So, what did you think of the concerts? Any highlights? Any surprises?

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