When I’d visit Grand Rapids every few months and need ways to fill my days while Kari was at work, I kept an eye on Alan’s reviews of Grand Rapids WiFi Locations. It was great to have such a comprehensive list of locations that I could get online, get good coffee, and only pay for the latter.

When Alan left Grand Rapids, Topher took over the listings and moved them to And now they’ve changed hands again. I’ve just completed the first stage of a redesign/reworking of the site. Now with search functionality, polling and the promise of comment facilities and XML feeds. You can find it all at


  1. Small world. How do you know Topher?

  2. Only met him recently, through Ed. I’d guessed you’d probably know him (through gospelcom if no other way)


  3. hey, sorry to bug you in your comments like this…but can you email me? i’m not sure what your main email address is. i have to pick someone’s brain on moveable type issues. i don’t really understand what kind of editing i’m allowed to do and i hate my current index.

    i’d really appreciate it…i’ll send more music someday 🙂