Jun 13


This week’s been a good one for coverage of GDS, with Jon Manel‘s pieces on Radio 4 and the BBC news site, and Jemima Kiss’ film about us for the Guardian. Oh, and we won a Black Pencil award from the D&AD. But my favourite things have been a couple of talks: Jairo Diaz spoke […]

Jun 13

Week 0 (resetting the clock)

Over coffee on Friday Jordan was enthusing about how much he’s been enjoying writing weeknotes. I’ve been meaning to get back to it since I gave up a couple of years ago but maybe it’s time to try again? The week started with a quick interview for a potential technical architect to join GDS. It’s […]

Mar 13

Government Service Design Manual

In an effort to talk a little more about what we’re up to at work it seems only right to mention the new Government Service Design Manual (and accompanying Digital by Default Service Standard). Their release is the next step in the Government Digital Strategy, providing a guide to what “digital services so good that […]

Jan 13

Micro Services and Storytelling

I’ve found myself watching a lot of InfoQ videos lately. They’ve been a good way for picking up some new ideas, but especially helpful for identifying other people kicking around similar concepts to those we’re using at GDS and beginning to establish more consistent language for it. This morning’s choice was James Lewis’ Micro Services: […]

Jan 13

Selling a laptop, mac minis and monitor

After making three house moves in the past year or so and clearing out a few remaining items from my pre-GDS office, I have all my gadgets and devices in one place for the first time in a while. It’s now very clear that I need to get rid of a few things. First up […]